Top Advice; Get Your Partner More Interested In Sex

_76202695_153763574If your partner is not as interested in sex as you are, there are a few different things that you should try to get your partner on the same level as you.

Engage in Role Play

It can be fun and very sexy to impersonate someone else; you can invent a character, a neighbor, a secretary, even the pizza delivery man! This can engage the both of you and help your partner become more interested in sex if there’s more to it than just the act alone.

Say Goodbye to Your Bed from Time to Time

Sex can become stale when it’s performed in bed all the time. Sex on the carpet, an armchair, or dining table is extremely exciting and completely breaks the routine. Sex in the great outdoors always carries an element of danger, or how about a make out session in the car? Breaking the routine is a major key to get anybody more interested in sex. The same ol’ just doesn’t do anymore. Change is good.

Explore Your Partner

Touch your partner’s sexual areas. Explore those areas with your fingers, tongue, and etc. Make sure to do this very slowly. There’s no need to rush. Just opting to jump in the sack when one is in the mood can kill exploration time, which has been proven to be essential to the emotional connection of two people.

Naughty Texting

You can get your partner more interested in sex by telling him/her via text how much you love them. Then go on to tell your partner what you would do if he/she were next to you right that moment.

Utilize Lingerie

Men can easily be seduced if you opt to wear a lace bra, thong, or nothing at all. These things tend to drive men crazy. You will automatically ‘lift’ his spirits.

Spray Perfume

To get your partner more interested in sex, you should always look your best, especially smell good. Get your best perfume out and spray it on yourself every day.

Take Your Camera Out

Camera . . . action. Yes, film you and your partner having sex. This can definitely make alone time between you two more interesting.

Have Romantic Dinner

Dinners are the perfect prelude to a good sexual encounter. (Forget to wear intimate clothing.)

Give Your Partner a Massage

There is nothing more erotic than a massage. Your partner will get heated with the touch of your hands, and thus, you will have a passionate sexual encounter.

If you want to get your partner more interested in sex, then put the previously mentioned tips to good use so that you can begin having your partner craving for you more and more.

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