Some less known facts about fetishism related to foot

Fetishism is a very common human behavior in which people show strong attraction or devotion for any particular subject or object. Under the umbrella of fetishism, a lot of things can come and feet fetish is one of those sexy girlfetishes that are not only very common among men, but it is equally popular as well. Some people can also say foot fetishism is freaky, while other men that have feet fetish would call it fun.

I am not about to start a debate between fun or freaky aspects about this particular fetish, but I would surely share some less known facts about Foot Fetish and I am sure you would enjoy reading those facts.

Many celebrities have feet fetish: Fetishism for foot is very common and you can understand the same with this fact that many celebrities have feet fetish. In this list of celebrities, you can add a lot of name such as Britney spears, Marilyn Manson, Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, Jack black, and many others. That proves it is quite a common feeling any one can have attraction for female feet in sexual way.

Summer is the best time for foot lovers: If you have feet fetish then you would know summer is the best time for all those men that have this fetish. People who have fetish like the summer seasons because girls walk in short dresses and men can enjoy according to their fetishism. But if its winter or rainy season when short length dresses are not appropriate then it won’t be a good time for those that have foot fetishism.

Feet fetish is more popular in men: Although fetishism for legs is quite common in men and women both, but in a vast research they found this number is higher in men. According to one study, more than 64% men are attracted toward feet in sexual ways. However, this number is just 36% for more. This is really big number difference and we can say that is one more thing that people notice in it.

Reason of having foot fetish: There can be a number of reasons because of which people can have feet fetish. Some take foot as an extension of genitals and they develop fetishism for this while other people can have feet fetish because of phantom foot syndrome. Other than this, experts also believe that it could be because a cross wiring inside the brain because location for foot and genitals areas are next to each other in image map.

History of feet fetish: Some people assume that fetishism for foot is quite new and its existence was not there in ancient time. However, this opinion is not based on the fact because people had same kind of feelings in ancient time as well. At that time people used to have various equipment’s for foot fetishism and if you’d do some research for same, then you can easily find all the details about those used that people used to use for feet fetish and other things related to this.

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